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Working with clubs, organizations and other membership groups is a good source of business and a niche that most agents don’t consider. There are so many different kinds of groups — you will have an endless source of business. Groups with large members are a continuous source of leads for new and repeat business year-round. If you happen to be a member of a group already that is even better because people like to deal with someone they know and have something in common with. Even if you are not member, you can arrange to come and speak to the group and bring information about buying, selling and leasing real estate in the area. Be sure to bring along several business cards to hand out, too. You may want to join the group.

The local Chamber of Commerce is an example of a group that is great for networking in your local area. If you are interested in charitable work, you may want to volunteer your services to the organization as well. It may take some time before you get a lead, but working with groups is worthwhile because you can target a number of people at the same time without having to spend a lot of money on marketing. Most groups have newsletters that are emailed to their members. For a small fee or maybe even for free, you can advertise your services in their newsletter or offer to write an interesting article about the housing market.

Start by compiling a list of groups that you want to target. Find out when it meets and who their chairman is so you can call and follow up with a letter or email to arrange a time when you can make a presentation to the group. You may even want to provide refreshments. If you have any professional designation such as the ABR® designation awarded by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC®), be sure to put that on your business cards or marketing materials. This lets everyone know that you have special education and expertise and have taken time to further your education.

The biggest advantage of marketing to membership groups is they have a large number of members who may be interested in buying, selling or leasing real estate. Members also have family members and business associates who may want to refer you, too. Networking in the community is a great way to get to know people and offer your services. You may also want to hold a seminar or some kind of charity event to raise money for their group if they are a non-profit organization. The good thing is there are always new groups starting up in the area. All you need to do is read the local newspaper to see that there is some club or organization sponsoring an event or hosting a program or workshop. Groups are an endless source of new business leads.

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